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Production Technologies



Battenfeld-Cincinnati Extrusion Line


Our extruding machines for PVC profiles are made by leading companies in that industrial branch. These high technology machines ensure the precision of technological process applied in the extrusion of PVC profiles and also the remarkable output power.

Production Hall #1

Lines and Tools

The lines and tools used to shape and calibrate the PVC profiles are made by leading companies in that industrial branch. They guarantee that the quality of our PVC profiles will always be high – which is confirmed by the strict quality control.

Mixer and Transport System - Command Center

Automated Mixing  System

Our modern automated mixing and transporting system enables us to control with computer precision the mixing of components, which are incorporated in the composition of PVC profiles. That is the way to guarantee that the quality of PROFILINK products will always be the highest possible and that the production process is traceable from the very supply of materials, through their mixing, to the shipment of finished products to customers.

The raw materials

If the raw materials put into our products were of unsufficient quality, our products would never have achieved the reputation of a good quality and realibility. It is a fact that our partners are some of the major and most prestigious industrial chemical manufacturers in Europe.

The staff

To be able to achive the results we enjoy today, we relied on a responsible and qualified team of professionals, who monitor and ensure impeccable performance of all production activities so that the product that you get will be of a truly good quality.