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"PROFILINK Lux" is a 4-chamber system made of 60mm deep profile, which is used for making high quality PVC windows. This system is remarkable for its beautiful design and sashes with slightly dislocated planes.

frame depth 60mm
4 chambered system
Uf= 1.2 W/m2K


Thanks to its additional insulating chambers, this system offers remarkable coefficient of thermal conductivity.


The exceptional coefficient of thermal conductivity satisfies the European standards for energy saving, even when using the low-budget single-chamber glazing.

Noise protection 

Excellent test results for noise protection were obtained for the usual glazing, and much higher values can be reached when using special glass.


The glazing can be up to 36mm thick, which makes it possible to mount most advanced heat and noise protective glasswork..


The test results for conformity with air tightness and tightness during torrential rains meet the strictest requirements.


The fittings are mounted in the profile system and anchored into the reinforcement, thus ensuring high basic anti-burglar protection. The anti-burglar protection classes WK1, WK2 and WK3 can easily be reached. 


Being of high quality and durability, PROFILINK products are distinguished for their long use.