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The exterior roller blinds ensure comfort and keep unwanted glare away, while at the same time protect us from extremely cold or hot weather, noise, wind, rains, hailstorm and direct sunlight. Their insulating properties help lower energy costs.


Wintertime insulation

When exterior roller blinds are shut, the heat insulation for glazed windows in the cold winter months rises by 25 percent.

Summertime insulation

The possibility to regulate the position of blinds allows protection against direct sunlight ensuring at the same time a comfortable micro-climate. The structure of lamellas creates an air cushion to provide extra insulation.

Roller insect screen

The special structure of GoldRoll roller blinds makes it possible to mount a roller insect screen, which will not obstruct your view but will protect your home from insects during the warm months.

Noise Protection

The sound insulation rises significantly thanks to the gap formed between the window and the exterior roller blinds.


Blinds are indispensable accessory for every window not only because they ensure extra protection but also because they can ensure the desired level of privacy.


Being of high quality and durability, PROFILINK products are distinguished for their long use.