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Sliding System

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“PROFILINK Sliding System” is the first-ever sliding PVC system for windows produced in Bulgaria. The system is with mounting width of 73 mm and total system width of 110 mm.

Sliding System

This system is characterized with excellent quality, modern design and competitive price. The system offers new opportunities regarding the useful area in the room. The design of the profiles is following the market tendencies, and as well the already laid down rounded contours of the systems – Profilink 70 and Profilink 60.


The system is designed to be fitted with the standard glazing of Profilink, which offers the opportunity for the construction of modules with double and triple glazing.


The test results for conformity with air tightness and tightness during torrential rains meet the strictest requirements.


The standard elements of the hardware are adjustable and offer locking option and optimum level of security.


Sliding System съдържа профил, който позволява адаптирането и към стандартната 70 мм система Premium. Това позволява многобройни архитектурни комбинации на плъзгащо и стандартно отваряне, икономични решения, спестяващи пространство и пари.


Being of high quality and durability, PROFILINK products are distinguished for their long use.